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Rochester man arrested for animal abuse

Rochester man arrested for animal abuse

The Humane Society says Brett Neil of Rochester has been arrested on animal cruelty charges. He's allegedly the man seen in a viral internet video abusing a German Shepard.

The Humane Society's law enforcement arm said officers got the original unedited video file and interviewed witnesses to determine the identity of the man seen spraying the dog with a hose and hitting it with a rake.

They said Neil cooperated with investigators, gave a statement and brought the dog to the animal shelter at Lollypop Farm to be examined by veterinarians.

Law Enforcement Director Reno DiDomenico said his officers appreciated the public interest in this case, but he said it actually hampered their investigation.

The one-year-old female German Shepherd is now being cared for at Lollypop farm. Neil has a court date on Thursday.


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