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Council puts hold on anti-drug measure

Council puts hold on anti-drug measure

The Rochester City Council last night put aside action on what could become a highly controversial law.

Councilman Adam McFadden -- who heads council's Public Safety Committee -- has introduced what he calls a a Drug Free Zone proposal. It's based on a Washington, DC law used to combat open-air drug markets.

The DC law allows police to designate a drug free zone anywhere there are high numbers of drug-related crimes. The zone is in place for only 10 days, but during that time it becomes illegal for two or more people to congregate in a public space. Police can freely stop and frisk anybody they see in one of those zones to check if they're dealing drugs.

City Council President Lovely Warren said council tabled the McFadden plan because it needs more study.

McFadden said he'll be contacting neighborhood associations across the city and will schedule public meetings to make sure the homework is done before the issue comes up again.


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